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It’s antioxidant properties makes the scalp circulation stable.

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Why HP Lotion?

Ayurvedic science’s beauty lies in it’s own nature which is hundreds of years old and it’s secret of strong, shiny and healthy hair is something that every individual seeks in his/her life. HP Lotion has been developed from a blend of 19 Himalyan plants extracts which makes it rich in purity and freshness. It’s deep nourishment methodology prevents the problems of dandruff, acne & pimples that also results in extreme hair fall conditions.

HP Lotion has proven to

    • Control dandruff in 48 hrs
    • Be the most antioxidant solution
    • Control hairfall
    • Be a good source of collagen protein
    • Enhance hair volume
    • Create a silky texture without any roughness
    • Be a source to prevent baldness in any condition.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How to use it ?

Homecare- pump 6-7 times on your palm and apply evenly on your scalp. Make sure the full scalp is covered and massage for 10mins after application such that the lotion is completely penetrated and absorbed.

Professional treatment- pour HP Lotion in a bowl and apply directly on the scalp section wise using a hair dye brush. Massage thoroughly after application on the scalp and leave it for 30-45mins

When can we see the results?

With the first wash, the results are visible. Dandruff will be cleaned 80-90%, itchiness on the scalp will be treated with the 1st wash and within 48 hours the severity of dandruff will be controlled.

How it is possible that one product covers all 7 treatments?

With the blend of 19 Himalayan plant extracts and each ingredient has its own property which also compliments each other. Our ingredients help in providing nutrition to the hair follicle and as we know if we treat a problem from the roots only then we can find a solution!

Can we use hair masque and shampoo without HP lotion bottle for daily use?

In the kit, HP Lotion is the treatment product, and shampoo, and hair masque are only to enhance the results in a chemical-free way. We use HP Lotion as treatment because it gets penetrated in to the scalp easily and provide your hair follicle with the needed nutrients.

Can we purchase hp lotion maintenance bottle instead of purchasing a home care kit?

HP Lotion maintenance bottle helps you with maintaining your scalp’s health but a complete homecare kit improves and gives you better results. Remember the RCN routine: Repair, Cleanse, Nourish

Difference between Professional Kit and Maintenance kit:

The Professional kit is boosted with all 19 ingredients and the best result of this kit can only be seen with the love and care of your favorite hairstylist, whilst, the home care kit is curated for you to maintain that professional care at home and to help keep that dandruff/hair fall in control till your next salon visit

The joy that HP lotion brought into people’s lives


Hi, my name is Hardik and I’ve been using HP lotion from past few months and the main reason for getting this product was my dandruff. I had to deal with a lot of dandruff. And once I started using this product in the past like 48 hours AND in the first 48 Hours, my dandruff was rapidly decreasing. And for using it quite a bit long. I’ve realized that my dander size of the really reduced for using it quite a bit long. I’ve realized that my dander size of the really reduced And I’m thankful that I use this product.


Bhavini Sharma

“It has actually improved my hair from dandruff to frizzy hair, it has done it all. My hair is back to the shine it had before and trust me, I have never ever been happier.”

Bhavini Sharma

Yuvraj Sisodia

“Absolutely love this product ,it’s a complete pakage,no need of applying oil shampoo and conditioner as it adequately moisturises the hair and scalp. This lotion is non sticky not like hair oil . It’s just make my hair look silkier & shinier…”

Yuvraj Sisodia

Mudit Tiwari

“This stuff has been a lifesaver. My stylist introduced me to it about a month ago when I stopped using other products due to all the damage it was doing to my hair. This helped get my hair back to a healthy state!! My hair is naturally curly, super dry, and brittle from flat ironing it every day.”

Mudit Tiwari


“I brought this after a friend recommended it, and started using it because it was purely organic and natural and the fragrance was of a combination of herbs and flowers, all-natural scents.  Gives your hair the kind of look that looks healthy and sexy at the same time. “


Anti-Hairfall Organic Lotion

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