Why HPlotion?

We’re Maintaining Richness In Purity, India’s Leading Plant-based Product

Pure Plant-based Ingredients

Driven By Ayurvedic Science

Organic Approach

Infused with all Scalp Treatments

Head line- Transform Your Hair from Weak to Wow.

Transform Your Hair from Weak to Wow

HP Lotion comes with a deep scalp treatment methodology, it actively combats dandruff within 48 hours, strengthens the hair follicles, helps control hair fall, repairs all scalp infections and other scalp conditions. It is suitable for all age groups and imparts a silky texture to the hair, eliminating any roughness and leaving it irresistibly smooth, promoting healthier-looking hair.
  • Reduces Dandruff up to 95%
  • Controls Hair fall
  • Reduces Psoriasis
  • Treats Alopecia and Regrows Hair
  • Treats Scalp Itching and All Infections
  • Balances Oily and Dry Scalp
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customer review

  • HP Lotion has truly transformed my scalp health! After
    struggling with persistent dandruff and an itchy scalp, this natural treatment
    came to my rescue. My scalp feels rejuvenated, and my hair looks healthier and
    shinier than ever. HP Lotion is now my go-to solution for a happy, healthy


  • This natural scalp treatment has worked miracles on my
    dry, irritated scalp. Its lightweight and non-greasy formula absorbs
    effortlessly, instantly soothing any discomfort. With regular use, I've noticed
    a significant reduction in dandruff and itching. My hair feels stronger, and
    the overall condition has visibly improved. If you're searching for an
    effective and natural scalp treatment, HP Lotion is the answer!


  • I've tried numerous scalp treatments in the past, but
    HP Lotion truly stands out. The results have been remarkable! The natural
    ingredients have visibly improved the overall health of my scalp, eliminating
    itching and dryness. My hair feels rejuvenated, and I've noticed an increase in
    volume and shine. A small quantity stands out perfectly for daily nourishment.
    HP Lotion is a must-try for anyone seeking a natural and effective scalp

    Rohit Manglani

  • As someone with sensitive skin, I'm always cautious
    about the products I use. HP Lotion has been a godsend for my scalp issues.
    It's gentle, soothing, and has provided immediate relief from scalp dryness and
    irritation. The natural ingredients have a calming effect, leaving my scalp
    feeling refreshed and I highly recommend it


  • I have always kept an army hair style, I absolutely
    love this product, it’s a complete package,no need of applying oil shampoo and
    conditioner as it adequately moisturises the hair and scalp. This lotion is non
    sticky not like hair oil . It’s just make my hair look silkier & shinier.

    Yuvraj Sisodiya

  • This stuff has been a lifesaver. My stylist introduced
    me to it about a month ago when I stopped using other products due to all the
    damage it was doing to my hair. This helped get my hair back to a healthy
    state!! My hair is naturally curly, super dry, and brittle from flat ironing it
    every day.

    Mudit Tiwari

  • I’ve been using HP lotion from the past few months and
    the main reason for getting this product was my dandruff. I had to deal with a
    lot of dandruff. And once I started using this product in the past and in the
    first 48 Hours, my dandruff was rapidly decreasing. I’m thankful that I use
    this product.


About Us

Why HP Lotion?

Ayurvedic science’s beauty lies in it’s own nature which is hundreds of years old and it’s secret of strong, shiny and healthy hair is something that every individual seeks in his/her life. HP Lotion has been developed from a blend of 19 Himalyan plants extracts which makes it rich in purity and freshness. It’s deep nourishment methodology prevents the problems of dandruff, acne & pimples that also results in extreme hair fall conditions.
HP Lotion has proven to Control dandruff in 48 hrs Be the most antioxidant solution Control hairfall Be a good source of collagen protein Enhance hair volume Create a silky texture without any roughness Be a source to prevent baldness in any condition.