Since the inception of the company “Wizard Nutrimets” in 2000, we have been working with various organic based hair products. Our top notch products have given outstanding results to end users across India. The notion behind making these hair based products was to cater for the growing demand for an effective and economical product for the masses. We have come up with India’s first hair lotion ‘ HP LOTION’ that has important nutrients and proteins required for scalp nourishment. Using HP lotion, you can get rid of problems like hair fall, dandruff, bacterial and fungus infections on your scalp within 48 hours. We as a company are committed to give you quality products that not only restores the shininess of the hair but improves the overall texture of your hair strands.

Over the years we have given different types of hair based products according to the society needs. But with the growing demand for hair products where people were looking for a single and unique solution for all their hair problems. So, using our smart expertise and hand-on experience in this industry, we came up with a distinctive and one of its kind HP LOTION that is a one stop solution for all hair related challenges. Be it hair fall, dandruff, weak scalp, split hair, bad hair odour, this lotion works wonders on your scalp and provides instant results in no time.

To become the most trusted organic product manufacturing company backed by the people of this nation.

Keep offering high quality plant based products that resolve hair/nutrition based challenges and maintain the genuine hair look for a long time.